Link Building – Doing It the Right Way!

2013 has been a tough year for online marketers, yet Google continues to battle against spammy link building in 2014. This doesn’t mean that building links is wrong. The defensive strategies and penalties adopted by the search giant are directed toward spammy activities and black hat marketing that pester the Internet. Websites should continue to link to other sites but the focus is on quality not quantity.

For a very long time now link building has been misunderstood and misapplied. The superficial, short-sighted mentality was that links get a good ranking. Persisting in this flawed marketing approach has caused lots of websites to sink when Google made the drastic algorithm change in May 2013. And Google expert Matt Cutts warned at the beginning of the year that dark times follow for spammy guest posting too.

Branding – the ultimate goal of link buildingSEO Link building

A fantastic website, a great product and a positive engagement of the audience builds the brand. People share links and all sorts of content on social media channels and word about good websites spreads fast.

  • Relying solely on Google to reach the audience is no longer enough. Social media and business website are interrelated: the content is shared on social media and attracts fans, shares and new followers and vice versa.
  • Links are directly related to reputation. Marketers need to change their perspective on link building. The changes made by Google and harsh penalties adopted clearly indicate that there is zero tolerance for link farms. Would you like your website to stay in a bad neighborhood?
  • Collaborating with a professional SEO service provider is the way to ensure that you are playing the game by Google’s rules. This will considerably lower the risk of being hit by a Google algorithm update or by manual action.

Efficient guest posting for link building

Guest posting has also been abused by spammy link building activities. Lots of website owners got in the trap with their websites being linked to pages that they’d be ashamed of. This is why guest posting is under Google’s radar. However, there are valuable guest posts that continue to work great for link generation.

  • A well-known author writing a guest post for your website clearly enhances business exposure. And it’s on opportunity to grasp.
  • Marketers need to find authoritative voices in their market niche and collaborate with those professionals in order to add valuable content to their website and bring in an outside voice (like a breath of fresh air) to entertain visitors/readers.
  • Content quality and website reputation are the critical sides of guest posting for building links.

Link building companies

There are thousands of link building companies that have been taken out of the game by Google. The great promises of rapid link building for naïve website owners are gone with the wind.

Only professional SEO companies with a solid reputation in their field of work can provide the kind of link building that adds value to websites through smart marketing techniques. Although nobody can offer 100% guarantee of success, at least risks are kept at the minimum.

The fight against sites using link spamming techniques isn’t over, and we can expect more drastic changes in the future. For a legit business, the focus should go towards building merit-based links, because reputation is everything in commerce.

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