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Press releases are yet another SEO technique which is an effective online marketing tool. They are proven to produce better results in marketing and advertisement of a firm/product even if they did not get part of any major media outlets. The distribution services are used by many agencies and PR departments, for the promotion of their each new press release. Online press release distribution is not confined to posting ads and comments, but to provide a comprehensive article that interest’s Google crawler and the viewers of the website.

There are mainly two categories of distribution services; the paid one and the free one. Both have distinct benefits in separate. Non-profit organizations, Government authorities and Local bodies are the general users of free distribution services with a sole aim of assuring the presence of their press releases somewhere somehow in the media masses.

MNC’s, Coprorates and profit seeking companies generally go for paid distribution services, which affirms the presence of their press releases in all major and leading online publications. The paid distribution service also provides you with various other benefits. Likewise:

  • Your PR gets included in the Google and bing news
  • Inclusion of your PR in leading and renowned blogs and news sites.
  • Significant uplift in terms of SEO value for your press release.
  • Provides media coverage in mass for all your press releases.

Free distribution services, although providing a handful of advantages; cannot be utilized effectively for acquiring any of the above listed benefits. It is always recommended to wisely choose between free and paid distribution services as per the requirement.

Press release distribution services can be more effective and resourceful for the budding enterprises. SEO Experts 4 all provide affordable distribution services for all types of clients by clearly understanding their needs and ensures the safety of the client’s business in our expert hands.

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