Social Media Content Marketing

Businesses such as online retailers rely on social media sites for generating more clicks and for more conversions on their website. As you know that the Facebook, Twitter and other popular social media sites have millions of active user traffic when compared to traffic in search engines, businesses utilizes various marketing tactics to divert considerable amounts of social traffic to their site.

Social media monitoring or social media listening is one such tactic used by many business owners in which they can monitor or listen to what’s being said in social networking sites related to your company, brand, product/service, competition and customers. By monitoring comments, feedbacks, blogposts and reviews related to your business, you can devise a plan to connect well with your customers. We know that visual content such as images, animations and videos are important components when it comes to building an effective content marketing strategy. There is also another way of improving your content strategy by utilizing social media listening for finding new keywords via paid search, finding new sites or networks to run showcase ads on and many more.

Content Optimization through Social Media Monitoring

Your site will get more online visibility or more user clicks only when your site content is more engaging, rich and unique, so that it can generate interest in general internet users. According to many experts, businesses usually seem to struggle in determining what content should be created and provided to their customers. This is where the social media listening steps in. We know that, each day there are millions of status updates, tweets and any other of social postings related on a wide variety of topics. In those social posts, chances are more that people may be talking about your brand, product or service. By using tools such as Radian 6, Sysomos and Hootsuite, you can conduct social media listening and gather information you think that is relevant your business or your product. This way, you can build your content strategy for your online marketing campaign.

For example, you found that the keyword ‘exercise’ got millions of hits in various social media sites in past year alone by using any one of the social monitoring tools. When you use Radian 6 or Sysomos, you can dive all the way down to specific forum post, blog post, status update or even a tweet. You can also listen or monitor at trending information to understand what types of conversations that occur more frequently. You can find people talking about topics related to exercise such as workouts, diet plans and fitness products. If you are running retail business and sell fitness gear, then you utilize those social conversations to your business interest. You can prepare content by using this information and can start posting on your site, social media and in other traffic inducing sites.

Preparing Content from Social Media Conversations

By going through the social conversations you collected, you can find which of them is most relevant to your products. As being fit is an important routine in our daily life, people use social media to find relevant answers or information they are interested in. This is perfect opportunity for you to create blogs and articles such as Benefits of Being Fit or Top 10 Workouts You can do at Home. Also, you can create reviews and comparison shopping information related to your fitness products. For increasing the chances of sales conversion, you need to strengthen your product descriptions and provide awareness on how specific gear matches to your exercise requirements.

If you are looking for opportunities by leveraging social media monitoring for your marketing strategy, you need to hire a good service provider which has team of experts consists of online marketing specialists and content developers who are well-qualified and have years of experience in providing cost-effective and client-specific solutions as per your needs.