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With the changes in the Google algorithms in May 2013, many websites were chaos-stricken, plummeting in ranking, losing traffic and revenue. More than a year from the Penguin 2.0 Update, Google penalty (Penguin, Panda, manual spam actions and recovery etc) removal still gives headaches to marketers worldwide. 

The tactics that were considered top-notch SEO in 2010 are now high risk and can cause serious penalties to websites. Not only businesses but SEO agencies too, suffered major losses due to search engine updates. Their only choice was to make repairs and adapt to the new web realities.

Google penalties

Most penalties are so serious that the website can no longer function without serious recovery and penalty removal actions taken by professionals. Google penalty could be manual or automatic, depending on the kind of problem/s identified on the website.

  • Manual spam actions are given when a member of Google’s team finds spammy activity on your website. Poor content without value is one of the most frequent messages displayed by Google for manual penalty notification, although the list of problems could be much longer and more complex.
  • Automatic or algorithmic penalties result from the indexation process of the website when Google algorithms detect website activity that does not match the operation guidelines of the search giant. For automatic penalties, Google does not send any notification. Only the results of the penalty become visible: loss of traffic, major drop in rankings and near-invisibility on the web.

How is recovery possible?

Lots of web development companies and agencies have added Google penalty recovery on the list of specialized services they provide for customers. There are general steps common for most such procedures; however some recovery actions depend on the specifics of the website.

  1. Do not submit a reconsideration request. Talk to a specialist to find out what can be done.
  2. Get a website audit. This is the first step in the recovery process when you hire a team of experts to help you with Google penalty. At this point, all the website problems will be identified and possible solutions will be presented.
  3. The experts will first attempt to find which links cause problems for the website.
  4. Bad link removal, content cleaning and refreshing, modifications in the page code etc.

The whole recovery process may take months, depending on the complexity of the tasks and the damage extent. Moreover, the professional Google recovery service cannot give 100% guarantee that the penalty removal process will be a full-scale success.

Tools that help remove bad links

There are tools that assist web masters with penalty issues, particularly with the identification of links. Here are just a few examples of instruments used for Google penalty (Penguin, Panda, manual spam actions and recovery etc) removal.

  • Google Webmaster Tool – it helps collect backlink data.
  • Majestic SEO displays not only recent links but also older ones.
  • Open Site Explorer.

While lots of web owners may even try to remove the bad links themselves, they can easily get stuck in the process. Professionals can handle the job more smoothly as they have the technical knowledge, experience and fee-based tools for a wide variety of tasks.

Web development companies can address Google penalty issues at an affordable rate and with real chances of success.

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