Google HummingBird

Hummingbird: Some background knowledge

When Google celebrated its 15th birthday, the major search engine unveiled a new algorithm, Humming Bird which, however, did not surprise a majority of people as they were already anticipating its arrival. Unlike its previous updates like Penguin and Panda, Google’s new algorithm is a gateway to smarten the search engine systems; earlier the query was analyzed and evaluated, in such a way that the words were considered as separate “individuals” rather than analyzing the “context” and long-tailed keywords are being emphasized now.

Another important thing which the brand new algorithm was very particular of, was the implementation of Conversational Search; you might have seen a microphone at the end of the search box and all your search queries are being converted to answers which are fed from the Knowledge Graph.

Humming Bird – How can we “grab” the advantages?

The owners of the affordable and those who have low budget SEOs in their hand are extremely confused at this point; how to strategize their SEO options and to designate effective and efficient links? How to optimize the web pages with long tailed keywords? Let us see how Google, developed a new algorithm that would create an opportunity for the users to utilize the power of search engines:

Let Google find you!!

As the SEO rule states, it is essential for the search engines to find your website rather than you “pouncing” on the engines. Expand the number of horizons such that the number of entrance pages is being enhanced; create innovative, catchy and super contents that would easily grab the attention by researching and surfing contents across the news and the research websites. Since conversational search is the hot topic here, it would be really helpful to choose videos and links that would form perfect and interesting answers to your questions. Another channel of attracting the audience is through creating infographics, which has always been rated as one of the “creative” and “innovative” SEO strategy.  You must find answers in such a way that the user as well as the search engine finds some “extra edgy” factor, which would differentiate you from the others.

Significant changes that can enhance your page ranking

  • Alterations in some of the content portions

Most of the website owners feel that their whole list of web pages must be altered to attract the “Humming Bird” attention; this has been identified as “panic button” as the changes to the whole website can result in a disaster, resulting in a very low rating, compared to its previous results.

  • Claiming the Google Authorship!!

You must tie your hands with the Google+ account if you require the maximum exposure through your circles!! If you have not claimed the authorship, then it is really necessary for you to do so as your competitor sites might have already caught this step.

  • Make the maximum use of Google services

Since Google have not rolled out any algorithm since the year 2001, remember that sly webmasters are going to be easily caught, if they take undue advantage of the update!! Utilize the maximum of Google services, like posting useful and effective links on YouTube sites.