Online Marketing Tips

Marketing tactics that you should implement online

Internet has been the cause of the significant changes that is seen today in how information is being shared. Because of this change, companies have been forced to change their marketing strategies.  Many companies have now started to realize the potential of inbound marketing methods and as a result, there is shift-taking place. More companies are now altering their marketing strategies so that they can involve more inbound marketing methods. This has caused a decline in the use of traditional marketing methods.  This article will discuss five of the inbound marketing methods that will have a huge impact in 2014.

  • Wide spread use of quality content material : The value of quality content will be bigger than ever.  This is one method, which will ensure that a company can establish market authority. In addition, by making regular updates of high quality information, the company will be able to create a bond with the customers.  These content updates will mostly involve relevant information on the industry that can be beneficial to the viewers or it will be something that will pique the curiosity. Because of the various internet developments, the companies have at their disposal many different channels through which they can spread the content. This way they can increase the connection with its target audience thus increase it faithful followers.
  • Better use of Social media : A recent study showed that today there are more than 1.61 billion social media users around the world and by the year 2017, it will reach 2.33 billion. This means that at any given time there will be large population of people using social networking sites. We are not just talking about Facebook and Twitter. Emerging sites like Pinterest, Google plus, Instagram and Tumblr has also a huge number of followers around the world.

This surge in Social media has forced the companies to make changes and implement new marketing tactics that involves better usage of these networking sites. These sites provide the companies with a wide range of opportunities to market their products and well as engaging content. Social networking sites are especially effective in creating better brand awareness and recognition among their target audience.

  • The rise of Ad retargeting : This online marketing method is becoming increasingly popular among marketers around the world. It involves the use of browser cookies of user in order to track the sites that a person visits. In addition, once they leave these sites the ads of these services of products will be shown on the pages that person that visits.  As a result, the company name as well the product will be always on the persons mind. This will help to make the brand more familiar and creates trust in the user.
  • Mobile Compatibility : The rise in the number of users of the smart phones has caused the companies make their sites more mobile friendly. If they are not ready to do, they will lose their market holding to some other company who are ready to make their company far more easily accessible thorough mobiles.
  • Impact of SMO : Recent trends show that having an optimized website will not alone increase a company’s Google rankings. In order for a company to safe guard its page rankings or to better them, they needs to incorporate better social media too. Because Google has changed it strategy to rankings to include sites with content, having most shares getting better search rankings. Therefore, a company has to make sure that their SEO as well SMO tactics work hand in hand.

Companies have to keep up with the latest marketing trends or else they will lose their market advantage. Having the right online marketing tactic can go a long way in ensuring a company’s position in the market.