SEO Tools

SEO- A trendsetter in marketing

You cannot see several free tools list if you are starting out in SEO. These tools are very crucial for practicing the SEO and grasp better understanding about the working of industry but most of them are expensive very much. As a starter it’s not very essential to begin search engine optimization by buying the tools which is too expensive. Once if we get an idea about what we are looking for and what have to be done then move on to the advanced stage. As now the free seo tools are available they surely will complete the jobs to be done. That’s why the premium, paid tools are created. In fact several people are very surprised at how the seo professional’s gives out the tools for free. Some top 7 free SEO tools for beginner’s choices include

  1. Google Analytics– It’s one of the great tools to get started with. Even professionals the most advanced ones make search engine optimization a full-time job using Google Analytics. At first it might be confusing but helps any beginners to get an idea about what to be measured and what’s necessary.
  2. Keyword Tools using AdWords– Complete research of keyword is an important incredible SEO aspect. This tool shows us global monthly and local monthly searches, competitions for every type keywords you try. Even most of the SEO advanced professionals turn to this tool for research.
  3. Open Site Explorer– It’s used for finding the link opportunities via the back-link research of the competitor. It comes from SEOmoz and helps us to determine if we have same earning like our competitors.
  4. Yoast SEO– It will be the widely preferred SEO plugin for installing on wordpress websites. Also walks through Seo different steps for making sure we optimize each webpages. On optimization of the website content, this works better.
  5. Page Rank Status– To get page ranks of the webpage we visit we can download extension of the free browser. It helps starters for getting sense of where on Google our website ranks. But it won’t have a meaning that one website has better quality than the other, but means it’s more established. This is one of the great ways for finding authoritative opportunities of link building. We can also see the stats of SEO, web page and site info and also the page speed by clicking on the plugins.
  6. Webmaster tools of Google-No SEO professional will be there without having a Google Webmaster tools account. Everyone has that, so beginners can sooner get better on board. These tools allow for monitoring our keyword clicks, sitemaps, website index and links list (external as well as internal) to our website.
  7. Webmaster Tools of Bing– We cannot forget about Bing as it is one of the three famous search engines. So optimize it even if we are a beginner. Webmaster tools of Bing are different that of the Google but for most of the part it serves same purposes by giving us insight as number of links, clicks and indexing.